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The Adrenalin Jungle is proud to announce the launch of its latest team based half day experience.

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NUMBERS: Min 6 people

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Set in one of our wooded glades we have a range of themed challenges to keep all ages, fitness levels and group sizes entertained.

In teams of 6 or more you will take on the challenges below in a bid to become Lords or Ladies of the Jungle.

The emphasis is definitely on the fun side, and there’s a very good chance of you getting wet, so a change of clothing and footwear may be advisable.

The event can be run for teams of 6 or more so groups of 12 + will form multiple teams with the event capable of accommodating 7 teams at any 1 session.

The sessions run for 3 hours with a choice of AM being 10 am – 1 pm or PM starting at 1 pm – 4 pm with at least 2 ½ hours of this time dedicated to actually doing the challenges, during the 2 ½ hours teams will take on at least 6 of the challenges listed below and if time is available will do all 7.

All safety kit and equipment along with full event supervision will be provided with all we ask guests to remember is to pack a camera, sense of humour and a smile and let us take care of the rest.


As a team you must navigate around the course pushing this hugewheel that has come of friar tucks Kart it sounds easy but along the way you have to pick up and carry items that have fell of Tucks Kart some of the items are food some are wine all of them larger than life.


Every Knight was dependant on his trusty steed and this challenge is no different.

Using our purpose built inflatable Steeds you’re team of knights will race head to head around the Jousting Square.


If you know your Robin Hood history you will remember the first time

Robin Hood meets Little John but if you don’t no matter as this challenge is all about re-enacting this historical 1st meeting.


With your head gear and upper body protection in place you will get an opportunity to take on all comers on our purpose built River Trent crossing.


The objective is simple using this huge padded staff you have to knock your opponent into the river (padded crash mats) each contest will be the best of 3 with bragging rights going to the outright winner.




In medieval times they all hated the tax man & today it’s no different, well this challenge is your chance to get your own back.


At one end of a wooded glade stands Nottingham castle (well a replica anyway) and atop the battlements stands some of the sheriffs men.


All you have to do is knock the Sheriff’s men over in the quickest time using our SOLO giant water balloon launcher to beat this challenge.




In the time of lord and ladies there were also witches and wizards, the traditional way of establishing whether you had a which in your mist was by strapping them to a chair, submerging (Dunking) them under water and if they survived under water they were a witch if they died they were not !!! You have got to love the logic of our forefathers. Dues to health and safety we can't re-enact this ancient form of justice but trust us when we tell you there is every likely hood that if you draw the short straw you will end up just as wet.



As if you did not pay enough taxes!.

Using huge foam coins you must draw a ball from the black sack the ball will tell you how much tax you have to pay and how many times you have to spin around the taxing pole before you can set of coin in hand.


All you have to do is get the coin in into the sheriffs huge coin chest in the quickest time but that’s easier said than done if you have had to spin 10 times round the taxing pole.


As a team you have to pay all your taxes in the quickest time possible to avoid being locked up in the castles stocks.




After avoiding the witches challenge and having paid all your hard earned money in taxes to the Sheriffs you have nothing left to feed yourself so for this challenge you take on the role of a beggar.


You will be issued with your beggars sack and a beggars bowl.

The challenge is that it’s a 5 man sack with a team mate in each corner and the beggar in the middle you must hop in unison around the course collecting broth contributions from your 6th team mate.


Once the beggar’s bowel is full you have to get the contents back to the main broth pot before setting of to collect more.


The team that collects the most broth in the broth pot in the allotted time will be hailed the best beggars in town.